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Electric windows

Started by Bigbubba85, October 01, 2022, 11:22:02 AM

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Currently having problems with my 58 plate seat alhambra windows none of the windows are working with the door panels they all go down with the key I have checked the harnesses and all seem good none of the buttons on the doors work so led me into thinking it would be a fuse or relay I have checked the fuseboxes all seem OK where and what relay would it be I read somewhere about a module under the seat are they connected to the window circuit

The module under the seat is for the Mk1, a long, long way away from your all VAG Mk3.

The Alhambra uses controllers for all doors, meaning there is a computer in each door that controls the window and all the other electrics so there isn't a relay like you have in older vehicles. Since the windows work off the key then each controller has power so that's not the issue.

I'd be inclined to suggest the main door switch is faulty but you really need to have it diagnosed using a scanner that can 'listen' to the can-bus such as VCDS.
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