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Collectors cars

Started by SirDavidAlhambra, February 17, 2023, 11:17:14 AM

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Do you think the Seat Alhamb or the Ford Galaxy will one day be a collector's car?

What can we do to preserve these luxurious and practical vehicles?

People seem to go for those hybrid SUV looking cars these days, which are smaller and not as practical in my opinion. They look more traditional but aren't as roomy in the back.

It is a shame they no longer make the Alhamb. What is the discerning motorist to purchase nowadays? It seems the choice is either a SUV (too small) or a van like a Mercedes Vito (too pricey and prone to rusting).

Yes, they just don't make them like they used to any more.

I drive a Seat Alhambra 1.9Tdi which has 115bhp and an automatic gearbox.

I am happy to help you with all your questions. I am not a qualified mechanic but seem to be better at fixing my car than even the most experienced garages.

I have lots of friends here and very much enjoy talking with you all. Always remember, a motor car is a serious tool and should be treated with respect. Put your safety first, always.

Well, I deregistered my 1999 mk1 Ford Galaxy two years ago and my mk2 is now my daily car. I keep them in my garage and I hope I can drive the mk1 again in six years when it's turning 30 to register it as oldtimer if law doesn't change too much. Meanwhile i keep it well maintained.

I'm also dedicated to keep driving my mk2 diesel until it's no longer allowed due to emissions. Or until I can register it as oldtimer as well.

I grew up with these cars and I can't imagine not having them anymore. They are somewhat part of my life  :tongue: 

I also think it's a big shame they don't make them anymore. They are so practical!
I own a MK1 1999 2.3 DOHC Ghia & 2003 1.9TDI Trend.

Orbis - can you tell us what specific measures and actions you are applying to your garaged vehicle, in order to maintain it in a condition to be able to drive it back onto the roads in six years time?