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Car and a stack of parts, to go...

Started by TFG, October 01, 2023, 09:06:02 PM

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Good evening all. I'm not sure of this is the right section to post this - perhaps it should be in Market place? - but because of a change in familay circumstances my 57-plate Seat Alhambra and a MOUNTAIN of good quality new parts, almost all of them boxed, has to go. Preferably to a good home, which is why I'm posting here before I try elsewhere.

The car is a '57 plate Alhambra Stylance in Platinum Grey. It has been off the road for two years but is in generally very good condition. Bad points:

A rust hole in the front end of the outer sill on the passenger side, just about in line with the front outrigger.The hole is about 1 1/2" long. I've had a borescope inside the sill and the corrossion is very localised.

A hole in the exhaust, about half way along the main front/rear pipe run.

The clutch pedal has lost pressure. This is a recent event and I'm not sure what the cause is. I will take a look to see if I can fix it. Up until that happened, I could drive the car back and forth on the driveway with no problems at all. The engine runs very sweetly. Not errors flagged and it always starts first flick of the key.

The rear bumper has some paint damage from what looks like being too close to some form of high heat. It hasn't distorted the bumper, just 'crackled' the paint.

Other than that, the car is in very good condition. It's still very shiny and clean and has no obvious panel damage apart from a few stone chips in the usual palces. The interior especially, is very good. It has front swivel seats. All electrics work, the seat fabric doesn't looks a though it's ever had kits near it, the driver's seat bolster foams are still the shape they should be. The nets on the seat backs are intact and taught. All door trims and speaker grilles are in very good condition. I was looking for a good one and this was the best I found in 6 months of looking. My intention was to pretty much rebuild the car once I had the time, so I have also been buying up parts in preparation for that moment. Unfortunately that's not going to be possible now, so to go with the car there is:

A new pair of galvanised sills
A full cat-back exhaust system
A full Sachs clutch kit and DMF
A full set of 3 SKF drive shafts and wheel bearings (front and rear)
A set of 4  Sachs front struts and rear dampers
An SKF cam belt and water pump kit
A new Denso alternator
A new aircon compressor (can't remember the make), condensor and front interior evaporator
A new intercooler
A ful set of gaskets and seals for an EGR rebuild
Two sets of wiring repair kits for the front door looms (though the car seems to work fine in that respect). These are now quite hard to find.
A set of the correct (Seat) roof bars
A set of Seat rubber floor mats

All of the above is new, the vast majority still boxed.

If anyone wants it all, I'm not looking for much for it as a job lot. The buyer will have to collect and arrange their own transport, I'm afraid. I'm in Wiltshire, not far from Devizes. I can post some photos of both car and parts if anyone is interested. This is a very reluctant sale. If I had any other option, I would be keeping the car.