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Brake fluid change

Started by simon.guvna, July 03, 2022, 09:39:46 PM

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Hi all, along with trying to change the coolant in this annual service I'd like to do the brake fluid too. Now this is a job I've been doing since I bought my first humber sceptre quite a long time ago. This is the most modern car I've owned and although I've done this job on plenty of abs systems I've not done it on a electronic brake assist equipped car. Does the car need to be running before cracking the bleed nipples or does it need the ignition switched on or can it just be done the old fashioned way with the wife sat with her foot on the pedal while I drain each corner? Again any help would be much appreciated.

I have done it the traditional way on cars with electronics no problem, only time I have had to do anything different is when I had a system totally drained. Bled as normal initially and then used diagnostics to run the bleed procedure on ABS (on a bmw)

Traditional way works fine on these. If you don't have a tool to open the ABS system, find a gravel lane or grassy field to activate the ABS on afterwards - you only need it to activate for a few seconds to release any trapped air.
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Thanks for replying, I figured the old fashioned way would suffice. I ended up just putting a one man drain bottle together then pulled the bulk of the old fluid from the farthest wheel. By the time I got to the front offside wheel it only took a few pumps to get new fluid through, the pedal is good and firm so should be sorted. Most awkward bit is pulling the scuttle tray out to get more access to the reservoir, that thing is as helpful as the engine undertray. Thanks again for the input 👍