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A/C Compressor Question

Started by cruickgl, July 20, 2023, 04:09:22 PM

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Hello, I have an a/c fault and my compressor is open circuit so needs to be replaced.It's an SD7V16 Money is tight and I've found out that this compressor is commonly used on many VAG vehicles. I was thinking of a replacement from a breakers and found a number of good looking examples on Seat cars. Mine is marked 7M3 820803A but the other examples I've seen at the breakers are 1JO 820803K against the SD7V16.
Has anybody fitted a compressor from a different model vehicle with these different serial numbers, did it work ok and does it fit ? It looks to my eye very similar.
MotorPartsDirect show a compatible brand new compressor for my vehicle and lists a huge number of compatible model vehicles of the same age range from VAG group.

If it's just the clutch part at fault then you could save a few quid on degassing and just swap the clutch pulley rather than complete compressor as they just bolt on.

Link just to give you an idea but no reason why you couldn't whip one off a car in breakers

Thanks, yes that might be worth a go. I did find out today that the different reference numbers I was mentioning are basically the Ford part number (7M3 820803A) and the VW/AUDI part number (1J0 820 803K). Other than that it's the same compressor. That's really what I was asking yesterday, but there are a huge number of vehicles that used this compressor from the early 2000's. Seat Toledo's, Leons, Skoda Octavia's, Audi A3's,VW Beetle.....the list goes on so if anybody needs to replace one there is a high chance you'll get another good one fairly easily from a breakers. Probably a lot of people already know this, but I didn't.

Good to know but I've long suspected this as it make little sense to create unique parts when an easily available tried and tested unit will do.

I often fix motor bikes and scooters for local guys and
the times I've had to explain that a simple bearing for instance will 99.99% of the time be of a fixed, off the shelf type and size rather than unique to their cheap wee scoot despite their insisting it has to be for their model.

My 1.9 Galaxy has the same battery fuse box as my neighbours Audi TT and his alternator looks very similar too