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1999 1886cc tdi - Cold starting

Started by HugoF, November 01, 2023, 06:32:30 AM

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My 1999 1886cc tdi has not played up on starting since last winter , but now it's getting colder it has to heat up much longer
And then is sluggish to turn over and fire up .
Once warmed up the car will heat and start in 2 seconds !

I may need to renew the glow plugs , what engine type / code  ? ( can't see any info under the bonnet )

November 01, 2023, 12:49:05 PM #1 Last Edit: November 01, 2023, 12:57:28 PM by regw
I'd say you have to check 2 things before spending money

A the battery.
Even a good battery's performance drops with temperatures, so unless it's brand new, get it load tested to give an indication of its health.
Unless the test shows it can still produce the stated CCA (cranking amps) it may be ailing and not perform well in the cold mornings
Also check the voltage when the engine is running
you want to see 14V or near as or it may not be getting
charged very well

B the glow plugs:
these are connected in series so you have to disconnect them and do a resistance check on each one between the terminal and the engine block.
They usually have a resistance of about 1.5 ohms so need to be checked carefully.

If in doubt, its best to swap them all.
They're not unique to the Galaxy but common and used on many other cars
Bosch ones would be nice but as an example
These will do you and they're cheap enough

Use a 6 point socket when removing them as they can be
a pain to remove at first and a 12 point socket may well round them off making the job a real arseache.