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Ford Galaxy - How-to Excercise the Turbo Vanes Using VCDS/VAG-COM

Started by jimmy-james, December 16, 2014, 09:28:00 PM

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Evening all  :)

I have built up a little experience from various VAG forums over the years of owning VAG cars and picked up a few useful hints and tips along the way (most of which are already part of this excellent forum). Big thanks to Briskskoda, Seatcupra.net, TdiClub amongst others for the excellent advice and help over the years :-)

One thing that i have found really useful is the ability to exercise the turbo vanes using VCDS or Vag Com. The procedure is simple and its a good idea to do this periodically to allow the vanes on your turbo to work correctly as they rarely open to their full amount due to most drivers using the torque of the engine in low revs. The problem with this is the vanes then have restricted movement and clog up which can mean a strip down or even replacement turbo if its left too long.

Here goes!

Step 1 - Connect VCDS/Vag Com and start the engine
Step 2 - Select 01-Engine control module
Step 3 - Navigate to Basic Settings, and then group 011.


Step 4 - Your RPM should rise to about 1400, and you'll hear the pitch of the turbo changing. Also on the VCDS display you'll see the duty cycle percentage changing, and you should see the requested and actual pressures changing. It runs for about 10 minutes, cycling between each extreme on the vanes about once every 4-5 seconds, then stops and idles as normal. In practice i normally run the process for 5 minutes when the engine is warm and normally repeat the process quarterly to keep things running sweet.

Hope this helps and feedback is welcome :-)