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Ford Galaxy - Remote Key Fob Programming for Remote Central Locking (Mk2)

Started by Mirez, February 09, 2014, 01:30:59 PM

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You can program a remote key yourself without any other tools or software. Gather all the remote keys you want to program as they must all be learnt at the same time - a total of 8 keys can be programmed to the system.

General Information:
The Galaxy uses a two button remote key operating on frequency 433.92 and using the Siemens Control System. When replacing the keyfob you must match these values or the new fob won't work! Some early Galaxys operate using an infrared control system with sensors located by the rear view mirror and above the tailgate - the following does not apply if you have this type of system!


Programming Procedure:
Ensure the windows are closed and the headlights are off. If not already, unlock the car and then open and close the drivers door. The procedure will clear all the learnt remote key's from memory so you need to have all of them available.

The following points needs to be done within 5 seconds of each other:
1) Insert the key into the drivers door lock and rotate it to the unlock position (Forward) - hold for 1 second
2) Return to the rest position, pause briefly and then rotate to the unlock position again - hold for 1 second
3) Return to the rest position again, pause briefly and then rotate to the unlock position for a third time.
The alarm/immobiliser LED on the door should illuminate to indicate the activation of programming mode:
4) On the first remote key press and hold the Lock button
5) Whilst keeping the lock button depressed, press and release the unlock button 3 times
6) Release both buttons - the LED on the key will blink along with the LED on the drivers door to confirm successful coding.
7) Repeat steps 4,5 and 6 with any further key-fobs you wish to program
8) Wait for the drivers door LED to extinguish indicating the end of programming mode (Approximately 15 seconds from last key learnt)


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