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Ford Galaxy - Relay Identification / Quick Numbers

Started by Mirez, November 23, 2013, 05:22:36 PM

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These numbers are the "Quick" numbers printed on the top of the relays for identification. The list is for the Galaxy, Sharan and Alhambra so some may or may not be applicable...

Blower Relay
114 - fan blower relay (701959141A)

Diesel Engine ECU Power Relay
109 - diesel engine fuel pump contact relay (1J0906391A)

Automatic / Clutch Inhibit Relay
175 - clutch interlock relay (3A0 927 181)

Windscreen Wiper Relay
192 - with rain sensor, with/without headlight washer system (1J0955531)
389 - without rain sensor, with headlight washer system (4B0955531C)
377 - without rain sensor, without headlight washer system (4B0955531A)

Power Folding Mirror Relay
361 - with electric folding mirrors (4A0907440)

A/C Inhibit Relay
168 - AC Retardation relay (7M0906363)

Power Rear 1/4 Window Relay
149 - electric opening rear hinged window (7M0963141)

Heated Rear Window
169 - heated rear window (7M0959627)

Rear Wiper Relay
72 - rear Wipe Relay (191955529)

Interior Lighting Relay
382 - interior Lighting (4D0907131)

Load Reduction Relay
646 - load Shed Relay (7M0951253C / 4H0951253C)

Headlight Control Relay
128 - High/Low Control Relay (7M0941597)

Auxiliary Heater Relay
430 - for models with auxiliary heater (7M3959143A)

Multifunction Steering Wheel Controller
451 - For Sharan/Alhambra (1J0907487A)
452 - For Sharan/Alhambra (1J0907487B)
453 - For Ford Galaxy (NPN)

Lamp-Fail Controller
301 - 4A0919471
302 - 4A0919471A
374 - 8D0919471
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