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Ford Galaxy - One Touch Windows not working / Re-Learning Procedure (Mk2)

Started by Mirez, November 19, 2013, 12:07:25 PM

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Not all models were equipped with one-touch windows but if your drivers switch feels like it has two stages when pressing up or down (for front windows only) then it is equipped. If the battery is disconnected or allowed to go flat then the windows will forget their "home" positions and as such, the one touch up and down function will no longer work.

Teaching the system is strait forward: With the ignition on depress the drivers window switch (to open the window) to the second stage and hold it there until the window is fully down. Once its at the bottom release the switch and then depress it to the second stage again for around a second - the window may drop a fraction more and the motor will stall, the lower position is now learnt. Repeat the process but by lifting the switch (to close the window) to the second stage, again once its fully closed, release it and then briefly lift it to the second stage again. The learn process for that window is now complete - repeat for the passenger side.

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