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Ford Galaxy - In Tank Fuel Pump / Level Sender Removal / Replacement

Started by Mirez, January 04, 2015, 04:38:17 PM

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All engine variants of the Galaxy have an electric fuel pump that is mounted inside the fuel tank. The pump incorporates a level sender for the instrument cluster.

Removing the sender will expose the fuel in the tank. Proper ventilation is vital and safety precautions must be taken.

The top of the pump and sender are accessed via an access panel built into the vehicle floor, just behind the drivers seat. Removing the rear carpet is the preferred way to access this but it can be bent back out of the way at a push. Unscrew the two screws on each of the 24 seat mount reciprocals and remove them. The carpet can then be eased out and the access panel can now be seen:


Remove the four bolts holding the seat runner in place, the three phillips screws can then be removed and the access panel undone.  The top of the tank and sender are considered "outside" the vehicle, therefore mud and debris will be on the top of the unit. To avoid this debris falling into the tank it should be cleaned before the electrical connector can be undone and the fuel pipes disconnected (squeeze the release tab and pull off) - Nb, The vehicle in these photos was being dismantled hence is wasn't cleaned.


With the pipes and wiring connector disconnected, the locking ring can now be rotated - the pump unit should be held at this point to stop it rotating.


With the ring removed, the pump unit can now be withdrawn - ensure the sealing ring comes with it as it can't be withdrawn with this in place:


Replacement is a reversal of the above, ensuring the sealing ring is clean and the locking ring is done up tightly.

Below are general pictures of the tank unit and sender for information only:


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