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Ford Galaxy - Front suspension top mount and bearing replacement

Started by Chrispb, January 06, 2015, 07:30:09 PM

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A common cause of MOT failure is too much movement (lift) on the rubber mount, with age the mount looses it strength which leaves a gap between the mount and the chassis, look at the difference in height between old and new.


Most places sell the mount and a bearing as a kit, and it's also advisable to replace the driveshaft bolt.


Replacing the mounts and bearing is pretty straight forward providing the top nut hasn't rusted solid, in the following these nuts had been tended regularly with oil and grease over the years so when I needed to remove the suspension I wouldn't have to cut through the cup washer to lower the strut down.

So before jacking up the car slacken the road wheel bolts and the centre hub bolt.

Remove wheels then unscrew the centre hub bolt but not completely as you need to tap the end of the bolt which will push the driveshaft out of the hub.

Unbolt brake caliper and slide the flexible hose out of the support bracket then support, do not let the calper hang on the hose.
Unplug the ABS lead/Brake pad wear lead from the multiplugs
Remove trackrod end from hub


Remove drop link  from strut



Remove two bolts from lower ball joint
Finally remove the top strut nut, prevent the strut from turning by inserting a suitable allan key


You should now be ready to lift out the complete strut and hub assembly (Warning this is quite heavy assistance may be required)
Don't let the drive shaft hang on the inner joint, tie it up to prevent this.


With the assembly removed pull of the rubber mount

You can now see the nut that needs to be removed to replace the bearing
Do Not under any circumstances attempt to remove this nut without the aid of spring compressors


Now with the spring compressors in place you can safely remove the nut and replace the bearing


You will know now how heavy this assembly is so you will either need an assistant or a trolley jack to lift into place, once you have screwed the top nut on a few turns, leave loose for now while you engage the driveshaft with the hub and refit lower ball joint bolts,  you can now refit the remaining items and tighten to the specified torque

Torque settings in Ibf ft

strut nuts  44
lower ball joint  41
drop link  74
track rod end  22 + angle tighten 90deg
driveshaft bolt  111 + angle tighten 90deg

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