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Ford Galaxy - Enabling global opening / closing via remote control

Started by Hej-Hej, September 01, 2016, 09:14:22 AM

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Just succeeded to enable this feature on my 2002 Galaxy, and decided to make a guide how i did it, hope someone finds it useful :)

This feature is already available in the cars software but disabled by default, the following shows how to activate it which will allow remote operation of all windows / sunroof.

First of all you need the following:

First thing to do then, is to edit ââ,¬Å"VG.cfgââ,¬Â file in VDS-PRO folder, to allow us to write to eeprom, simply open in notepad and replace it all with this:

Screen Color
COMPort 1
StartBaud Fixed
BaudFixed 10472
BaudTry_1 10472
BaudTry_2 9600
BaudTry_3 4800
BaudTry_4 2400
BaudTry_5 1200
BaudTry_6 600
t_r0_usec 5000000
t_r4_usec 40000
t_r6_usec 1000
t_r6_ack_usec 1000
t_r6max_usec 150000
t_rb_usec 60000
t_rb_ack_usec 30000
t_rb_idle_usec 600000
t_rbmax_usec 1100000
t_rkmax_usec 800000
StartAddress 00000009
ConnectRetries 3
TimeStamp 5351883
NewMWGroupPreAck JA
AbortDebugMsgs NEIN
HugeMWDisplay JA
HexMWDisplay NEIN
LogTimeStamp NoStamp
LogMode Symbolic
LogCount 2569235
LogFileMode Request
LogBuffer LogBufferKb
LogBufferKb 32
LogFirstID JA

Then restart the computer and boot in to DOS, start VDS-pro and follow these steps:
(to navigate to VDS folder when in DOS, type ââ,¬Å"cd vds-proââ,¬Â and hit enter, then type ââ,¬Å"vagââ,¬Â and hit enter again to open up VDS-PRO)


With new .cfg file controller 09 should open on startup, but if you see this screen open ââ,¬Å"09 ââ,¬â€œ electronic switchboardââ,¬Â by typing ââ,¬Å"09ââ,¬Â with keyboard.


Then controller 09 will open, be sure that baudrate is set to 10472


Now type ââ,¬Å"11ââ,¬Â to log in


Password is ââ,¬Â21318ââ,¬Â alt+O to select ââ,¬ÂOKââ,¬Â


Then type ââ,¬Â20ââ,¬Â for RAM read, and enter adress 61003, alt+O to select ââ,¬Å"OKââ,¬Â


By default the first digit should be 17 (right below the 0) alt+O to close


Type ââ,¬Å"27ââ,¬Â to open EEPROM (serial) write, and type ââ,¬Å"61003ââ,¬Â in address and ââ,¬Å"19ââ,¬Â in value. Then alt+O


Now if you open ââ,¬Å"20 ââ,¬â€œ RAM readââ,¬Â again, you should see the new value of ââ,¬Å"19ââ,¬Â alt+O
Alt+X to close down VDS-PRO, cycle ignition and enjoy your remoted windows!